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Earth Dog Hemp Stuffed Large Bone Toy
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Earth Dog Hemp Stuffed Small Bone Toy
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Vermont Soap Certified Organic Pet Shampoo
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Earth Dog Hemp Stuffed Large Bone Toy Blue
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Earth Dog Hemp Stuffed Large Bone Toy Green
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Earth Dog Hemp Stuffed Small Bone Toy Blue
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Earth Dog Hemp Stuffed Small Bone Toy Green
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Earth Dog Hemp Stuffed Small Bone Toy Orange
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Earth Dog Hemp Rope Toys Small
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Best Bully Sticks I Could Find!  

I searched high and low to find odor free bully sticks for my Wirehaired Dachshund. The supplier we used to buy them from no longer has them in stock. However, my little guy absolutely loves bully sticks. I tried a few suppliers who advertised as "odorless" or "low odor," but it was a lie. These are truly odor free, and my little guy is crazy about them! The only thing I'll change about my next order is making it an order of 25 as opposed to 10.
I buy this product by the case  

My small dogs love fruitables. I have two Boston Terriers and one Bichon Frise. They are healthy treats. I don't worry about my dogs getting too much fat or calories. The treats hold together in our treat jar and don't fall apart like other brands.
Very good value  

These bullies are thick and very low odor. They were about 75% as tough as one other brand that I know of, but that brand cost twice as much, so I'm still better off with these, value-wise.
Odor Free Bully Sticks are Wonderful!  

A friend turned me on to Bully Sticks when our little Pug puppies got older. The regular Bully Sticks, however, had a very stinky smell and we did not like them after our experience with a couple of tries. When I found out about the Odor Free Bully Sticks, we tried them are glad we did. Pugs love them and we don't have to endure the stinky smell.
Our Ridgeback loves bully sticks...  

Our eight month old Ridgeback puppy loves bully sticks - she no longer likes her Nylabones or Greenies both of which she used to love and now holds out only for the bully. I only let her have it for about 30 minutes a day and the thick ones usually last about a week. I wish they came is some type of bag or container for easy storage.
--Aspen Olive
Kind of Skimpy  

I bought Bully Sticks because of The Dog Whiperer's recommendation that they last long and are better than rawhide for the dog. Even thought the description said 'thick', these were very thin. They were about the size of a ball point pen in diameter and didn't last 15 minutes.
It's what I expected.  

Time will tell as for wear and tear. We previously used heavy nylon leashes that didn't start to unravel until in constant use for about five years. My dogs aren't rough on them - except when someone else (other than me) walks them. If someone else walks them, they tend to be a bit feisty by taking the leashes in their mouths. So we'll just have to wait to see how the hemp leashes compare with the nylon ones.
Best Bully Sticks  

We have been using the regular Bully Sticks, which are great, but STINK. We kept purchasing them, though, becasue the dog loves them. Someone finally told us about these odor-free Bully Sticks and we're hooked. Same great quality, durable (we have a giant-breed dog), but no offensive odor. The dog can't tell the difference, but we appreciate not having to explain to visitors what that "gross smell" in the house is.
--Leonberger Owner
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