The backyard is an enchanting and mysterious place for dogs of all ages. Whether it’s finding that buried treasure, leaping through piles of leaves or sniffing every square inch of the yard; there are many adventures to be had. But sometimes these doggy adventures can lead to unwanted troubles like ear mites, cuts, scrapes, hurt paws or itchy skin. Some can be prevented but others can only be treated after the fact. No fear! Whatever the harm PawLux has organic cures for you!

Allergies plague both humans and our canine friends. Although a cute sneezing puppy may become a Youtube hit, after you put that video camera away try locating the culprits. The most common culprits are pollen and dust mites. Keep an eye on pollen count to see if your dog’s symptoms worsen as the pollen count rises. Lessen the impact of pollen by wiping your dog’s paws with a cool towel and giving your dog a cool water bath once a week. Dust mites can be killed in freezing temperatures. Just take your dog’s plush toys and place them in the freezer for a few hours to do away with those unwanted bugs. If your dog is still sneezing, PawLux suggests Frogworks Garths Canine Sneezing Remedy. Many dog owners are pleasantly surprised by the great results from this product.

Fleas, Chemicals, Poisonous Plants
Other backyard culprits include fleas, poisonous plants and chemicals. Helping your dog to avoid poisonous plants and harmful chemicals is easy once you know what to look for. Just be careful to wear protective gear when removing poisonous plants, we don’t want either you or your dog to get any annoying rashes!

Keep your dog away from chemical fertilizers because they can irritate or even poison your dog. If you can’t keep your adventurous dog away from chemically treated areas, think about switching to organic fertilizers.

Fleas also cause itchy skin but can easily be prevented. Just set up an appointment with your veterinarian for flea and tick medication. PawLux suggests using Happytails Flea the Scene Insect Spray with Sunscreen in addition because it helps keep those pesky fleas away and protects your dog from the sun!

Cuts & Scrapes
From thorn bushes to sharp stones there are multiple ways your dog can get cut. Don’t worry, these unforeseen injuries can be healed using organic remedies. Always clean the wound first and then help the cut heal by applying Pal Dog Boo Boo Treatment Gel to the bandage.  Its unique cooling, greaseless and painless to the touch formula has a blend of flower essences that help calm your dog. Remember to keep your dog from licking or chewing the cut while it heals. You can prevent this by placing a bitter tasting agent on the bandage or by using a neck cone, also called an Elizabethan collar. Your dog may not be a fan of the collar but it does provide a great photo shoot opportunity!

Sometimes you might think your dog is just ignoring you but have you cleaned his ears recently? Keeping your dog’s ears clean will lessen the likelihood of ear mites and other pests. Ear mites are tiny white spots that can be spotted with the help of a magnifying glass. They attach to the inside the ear and can affect most household pets. Symptoms of ear mites include inflammation in the ear, strong odors, a black or brown waxy secretion and excessive scratching of the ears. Make an appointment to see your veterinarian if you believe your dog has these symptoms.

Prevent ear mites by regularly cleaning your dog’s ears. Fuzz Yard Organic Sweet Almond & Aloe Vera Dog Ear Cleanser is designed to clean wax and dirt from your dog’s ears. PawLux loves Fuzz Yard’s Ear Cleanser because of the great ingredients that help soften the wax for easy cleaning. Cleaning out the ear wax will help your dog stay healthy and hear better, although we won’t promise clean ears mean he’ll always listen…

What sort of mischief has your dog gotten into? We’d love to see a picture of it just post it to!

Spaw Day for Your Dog   May 17th, 2012

Are you starting to notice that your dog is a wee bit smelly? Then it is time to treat your best friend to one bark worthy “spaw” day! Everyone loves those nice relaxing spa days and your dog is no different. Here at PawLux we’ve put together some simple steps for making one dogtastic “spaw” day!

The “Spaw” Day Guide

  1. Aromatherapy Time- Start by spraying some Happytails Aromatic Spritzer from their Celebrity Collection for soothing scents that will create a calming environment. Simply crushing up some lavender and placing it in hot water works as well. Just remember, dogs have extremely powerful noses so don’t overdo it on the spray.
  2. Doggie Tunes- Putting some music will also help set a nice mood for you and your dog. There is even music out there specifically for your dog. It’s just a quick internet search away. We suggest a more classical variety that won’t have your dog howling along to it.
  3. OohLaLa Massage Your dog will certainly enjoy a nice massage while being shampooed and will love all the attention from his favorite friend! PawLux offers a variety of all natural shampoos for you to choose from, like Cain & Able Lavender Shampoo.
  4. De-tangle Those Knots! Get rid of all those tangles and give a healthy shine to your dog’s coat by massaging conditioner into his coat. Look at for some great smelling and all natural conditioners. like Fuzz Yard’s Organic Conditioner.
  5. Towel Time- Time to towel dry! Have a towel on hand throughout the “spaw” time since dogs like to show their appreciation by shaking all the water from their fur. The towel is a great way to embrace his ‘thanks’. Once your dog is all dry brush his fur until there is a nice smooth shine.

    Happytails Sparkle & Shine Shimmering Mist

  6. Hassle free bath option!- If you don’t want the hassle of a full shampoo and condition, use Cain & Able Between Bath Spray to keep your pet clean and healthy. It also helps repel those pesky insects your dog hates!
  7. Star Treatment- We know Fido needs to see everyone who stops to admire him, so take a few minutes to trim extra hair away from your dog’s face.
  8. Paw-dicure- Keeping your dog’s nails trim is important to keep him (and your floors) happy. Check out our blog about Paw-dicures to learn more.
  9. Shining Star!- For an extra bit of sparkle and shine add a bit of glitz with the Happytails Shimmering Mist!

Now your dog is all ready to show off. So go for a nice walk to show off your shiny and clean dog. Just watch out for all those big fun mud puddles dogs are great at finding. Or just curl up beside your happy and good smelling dog and relax the rest of the night!

As the winter fades and the spring months envelope us in warmth, we look to spend more time outdoors with our family, friends and of course, our dogs. However, we must not forget there are pests lurking in the grass and weeds and they’re looking for our dogs. Yes, Paw Lux is talking about fleas and ticks. Those nasty little pests that can cause owners and pets a lot of grief.

We could go through the whole “preventative” speech, but we want to talk to you readers about something a little more in-depth. We do want to reiterate how important it is to treat your dog for fleas and ticks, but do you know what’s in that liquid your putting on your dog’s back? There may be some chemicals in that clear liquid that could be harmful to your pup.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) keeps tabs on which preventative are good and bad for your dog. The first thing they point out is that not all over the counter flea and tick medications are bad for our dogs, but it’s important to pay attention to those ingredient lists.

Some flea and tick preventatives could have a hazardous ingredients, namely organophosphate insecticides (OPs), carbamates, pyrethroids, or synthetic pyrethrins, tetrachlorvinphos and propoxur are all toxic chemicals you must look for.  All of these have been found to be potentially harmful to the nervous systems of your pets and your children. Some have even been known to be carcinogens.

The NRDC has compiled an extremely helpful list of preventatives that can help you decide which to use. Visit the list here: GreenPaws Flea and Tick Products Directory.

The Steps You Should Take to prevent Fleas & Ticks:

1. Talk to your vet about newer flea and tick preventatives. They will be able to give you a good idea about what is good for your pet specific to your region as well as free of toxins.

2. Never use dog preventatives on your cat or cat preventatives on your dog. This can have very detrimental effects.

3. Brush your pet very often. A flea comb might be useful as well.

4. Wash your bedding and your dog’s bedding in hot soapy water and often.

5. Vacuum your home—rugs, carpets, furniture, etc.

6. Use all-natural pet shampoos, essential oils and spray from Paw Lux. We carry a wide variety of all-natural products that can keep fleas and ticks off the natural way. Lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint, rosemary and thyme have all been proven to be natural products which help ward off nasty fleas and ticks.