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Pawluxury Grade-A, naturally-shed 4-5" elk antlers are a great chew option for small dogs and light chewers.
UPC: 10840139109048

Pawluxury Grade-A, naturally shed elk antlers have a smaller profile appealing to more pups and a lower price point appealing to more owners. These elk antlers are dense, durable chews that will give your pup hours of chew time, beneficial vitamins and minerals as well as cleaner teeth! Our American-sourced, naturally-shed elk antlers come from the Rocky Mountains. After they’re collected, they’re simply washed, cut and packaged. We also round any sharp edges to make them extra safe for your pup.

Pawluxury Elk Antlers are highly durable and are will last hours or days for even the most aggressive chewer. Each antler is filled with soft marrow and contain essential nutrients such as zinc, calcium, manganese and iron that your dog needs for a healthy, long life. Their tough, textured surface helps remove tartar and plaque while massaging the gums. Give your pup a chew that can endure the test of time while giving them hours of entertainment!

  • Made in USA: Our antlers come from the right here in the US, collected in the Rocky Mountains
  • Naturally-Shed Elk Antler: We collect antlers that are naturally shed, then simply wash, cut and package them
  • Long Lasting: These antlers are highly durable and will stand the test of time, even with the most aggressive chewer
  • Nutrient Dense - Our antlers provide a natural source of Calcium, Zinc and Potassium that your pup needs for a long, healthy life
  • Promotes Dental Health: The tough, textured surface of our antlers helps remove tartar and plaque while massaging the gums
Products specifications
Ingredients Elk Antler
Packaging 1-Pack SURP
Country of Origin USA
Key Selling Points All Natural
Crude Protein (Min.) 8.0
Crude Fat (Min.) 0.2
Crude Fiber (Max.) 0.2
Moisture (Max.) 1.0
Key Selling Points Long Lasting
Key Selling Points Single Ingredient
Key Selling Points Naturally Shed
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