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Pawluxury's Yak Cheese Chews are perfect for small and large breeds alike. These durable speciality cheese chews are a long-lasting alternative to traditional treats.
UPC: 840139110450

High in the Himalyas, yak farmers spent centuries cultivating hard cheese treat recipes for locals. Pawluxury is proud to offer these durable, rich, all-natural cheese flavored chews as a healthy and unique chew option for our furry family members! Our Yak Cheese Chews are made with only three ingredients and last up to five times longer than a traditional rawhide chew. Suitable for both moderate and aggressive chewers, Yak Cheese Chews are high in protein, low in fat, and help to break up plaque and tarter from your dog's teeth as they chew. 

  • 100% All-Natural: Made from natural ingredients, without the use of artifical colors or flavors
  • Vegetarian: Our vegetarian Yak Cheese Chews are a healthy alternative for pups with a sensitive stomach
  • Lactose-Free: Yak & cow milk is cooked in a way that removes lactose from these chews
  • Long Lasting: Durable and nutrient dense for moderate to aggressive chewers
  • Highly Digestisble: Made with only yak & cow milk, lime juice, and salt, making them highlydigestible
  • Low Odor: You pup can enjoy a delicious all natural chew without intrusive odors 
Products specifications
Ingredients Yak Milk
Ingredients Milk
Ingredients Lime Juice
Ingredients Salt
Packaging 1-Pack SURP
Country of Origin Nepal
Crude Protein (Min.) 50
Crude Fat (Min.) 1
Crude Fiber (Max.) 2
Moisture (Max.) 22
Key Selling Points Made with Grain & Gluten Free Ingredients
Key Selling Points All Natural
Key Selling Points Long Lasting
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